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To consider:

For van Amstel diamond the responsible use of its users data is of great importance. Personal data of its customers is processed carefully and stored securely. Hereby obeying local privacy laws.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform our customers about how van Amstel diamond uses customers private data or how customers can change or remove their private information.

This privacy statement is only applicable to this website and not for third party websites that are linked on this website. These third person websites are under the responsibility of their respective owners.


Atricle 1 Processing of personal data

With the use of the services provided by van Amstel diamond, the purchase of one of its products or the sign up of its news letter, the buyer explicitly agrees that van Amstel diamond may use your personal data for the ends written in this document.


Article 2 Purpose of processing personal data.

van Amstel diamond processes the personal data in two forms:

1) with customers that buy products at van Amstel Diamond online;

2) with customers that signup for our news letter.

The personal data that in situation 1) and 2) are being processed are different. For the 1st purpose van Amstel diamond nees more customer data in order to ship the product to the correct address. For the 2nd purpose van Amstel diamond only processes the email address.


Atricle 3 No sharing of personal data with third parties

Our policy is that van Amstel diamond does not share any private personal data with third parties.

Exception: Van Amstel does share private personal date with parties such as Groupon in order to process the payments for the vouchers.


Article 4 Personal data type

Van Amstel diamond collects and processes the following customer personal data:

  1. name, address and residence
  2. Email address
  3. IP address

And if the customer entered the follwing information voluntarely:

  1. Phone number


Article 5 Transparant processing of personal data

Van Amstel Diamond strives to be fully transparant in the processing of customer data and specifies which personal data is being processed. Customers can ask van Amstel diamond at any time to view personal data, correct these, add or remove this data. Herefore a customer can send an email to van Amstel diamond: The customer receives a reply within 4 weeks.


Article 6 Sign off from van Amstel diamond services

The customers can sign off from van Amstel diamond services at any time by sending and email to Van Amstel diamond will remove the customer and will not receive any email from van Amstel diamond anymore.


Article 7 Secured data

Van Amstel diamond uses safety procedures to avoid that unauthorized people can get acces to the personal data. Also van Amstel diamond has taken technical and orginazational measures to protect personal data from loss or unrightfull use.


Article 8 Visitor data

On the van Amstel diamond website(s) also general and anonymous visitor data is beging registered, as for example the most frequent visited pages. The purpose of this is for example to improve the website layout. So that van Amstel diamond can optimize her services even more. When van Amstel diamond stores such data. Van Amstel diamond will make sure that it is not possible to trace this data to individual customers.


Article 9 Cookie use

Van Amstel diamond uses for the offering of its services "cookies". A cookie is a small file that is stored on the hard disk of a computer. These cookies are only used to improve the website performance.


Article 10 Changes

van Amstel diamond reserves the right to unilateral apply changes to this privacy statement. Changes or additions on the privacy statement are published here. Therefore chech the privacy statement regurly. In case such a change would imply a change in the purposes or aggrevation then we will inform the customer and if necessary we will ask the customer for its permission. For questions about the privacy statement. You can contact us via

This privacy statement has been modified on: 15-02-2012

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